Entrepreneur High School




                     Mission Statement:

               Inspire Students to be ...

              ... Career-READY ...

                           ... Work-WILLING ...

                               ... College-ABLE ...




A new, unique
High School preparing students
for a job and equipping them with the tools to start their own business by integrating advanced vocational training and relevant world-class knowledge in a 21st century setting.
News and Updates:
EHS, 5745 Central Avenue
 * Please check this web site frequently for updates. Thank you.

* Classes will continue to be at the temporary location at 'The Park',
800 Briar Creek Road, daily from 8:00 AM till 3:00 PM,
and on fridays from 8:00 till 1:50 PM.

Open House on Saturday is canceled. Will be re-scheduled.

 * For updates and bus schedules to 13 hubs, please see boxes below.

 * We have the possibility to accept 20 more students. If you are interested, please come to the school at 8:00 am during the first week.

 * Due to not passing the fire inspection, inspite of brand-new equipment for $30,000, classes will be held at 'The Park' (Merchandise Mart, next to Bojangles Arena on Independence Blvd), 800 Briar Creek Road, at the regular schedule during the first week of school.

 * Our 'Meet & Greet' the teachers was a great success! Our Culinary Arts teacher and her helpeers served 250 hotdogs and hamburgers and phantastic side dishes and cookies. Thank you again for a tremendous job well done, Ms. Stowe! Lots of interesting conversations!

 * The $650.000 improvements to our 55,000 sqft large building are progressing on schedule.

 * Thank you, Jennifer Roberts, candidate for Mayor of Charlotte, for joining our fundraising event on Wednesday, for speaking and for so expressively supporting our goals and our mission.
We had a great event, even we did not achieve our goal. Thank you much for your donation! We and our students appreciate your help!

 * EHS is still accepting applications! - Fill in the on-line Registration Form below and click the Submit button  OR  come to our school.


Until further notice, EHS will continue to operate at our temporary site on the 4th floor of ‘The Park’, also known as 'Merchandise Mart' (next to Bojangles Arena), 800 Briar Creek Rd, daily 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Fridays 8:00 AM to 1:50 PM.

After having most of all students’ knowledge and aptitutes assessed, and having started the development of students’ ILTPs, we will focus on operating – as much as possible – as if it were our permanent facility. That includes adjusting class schedules to the limitations of this temporary facility.


 - How to get there?   ---   Buses will pick up students at the 13 Satellite places. Please see the Bus Schedule below. The buses will bring the students to 'The Park', the temporary school place. In the morning, there will be a shuttle from 5745 Central to 800 Briar Creek Road.

Of course, you may bring your student to 'The Park' on 800 Briar Creek Road. We will serve breakfast starting at 7:30 am.


 - Uniforms:  Can be ordered now. Ask your student for order form.


 - Lunch:   Will be served

 - New sign-ups:   We have 20 additional places. Just show up at school at 8:00 am.

Bus Schedule

Students and Parents, based on the number of students requesting transportation, we will be using two buses.  Look for yellow school buses with 'North Carolina Independent Schools' written on the side.

We will monitor and make changes as needed. Please feel free to provide us with your feedback - bus-email . Thank you.


ROUTE - BUS # 387



Stop A – West Meck High School– 7400 Tuckaseegee Rd.

Stop A-1 (PM only) - Moores Chapel Church - 10601 Moores Chapel Road




Stop B – DSS Parking Lot (Freedom Drive)




Stop C - Pleasant Grove Church - 1915 Oakdale Rd.




Stop D – Food Lion - 4001 Sunset Rd.




Stop E – Food Lion - 5624 North Graham St.




Stop F - Garinger High School - 1100 Eastway Dr.



Stop G - CVS Pharmacy - 4931 Central Avenue



Stop H - Entrepreneur High Schoo l- 5745 Central Avenue Please see Note below.




Note: Until further notice, students will be picked up and dropped off at 800 Briar Creek Rd (Merchandise Mart).


ROUTE - BUS # 373



Stop A - Monkey Joe’s – 10215 University City Blvd 6:00



Stop B – Food Lion – 7400 Plaza Extension




Stop C – Food Lion – 7004 E WT Harris Blvd





Stop D - Walmart – 9101 Albemarle Rd




Stop E – Bojangles – 6915 Albemarle Rd



Stop F – Food Lion – 8100 Idlewild Rd.



Stop G – Entrepreneur High School – 5745 Central Avenue - Please see Note.



Route times may vary slightly due to traffic or weather conditions.
Please arrive 10 minutes before stop time.

For more information and a printable form, please chose the sub-page 'Interest Form English' or 'Interest Form Spanish' under the 'Home' page on the navigation bar on the left.
Dear Student:

If you want to be ready for a career at the end of high school,

EHS is the right choice for you!

The Entrepreneur High School prepares you for a profession of your choice.

You will have skills that are needed in your community by being

industry-certified, for example, ASE, AWS, NCCR, or NIMS! 

You will be ready for the profession you have chosen,

ready for a life that is fulfilling,

and ready to make money.

If you are interested in starting your own business, the 'Entrepreneur Academy' within EHS offers you that opportunity.

Finally, you may also choose to continue studying at a college or start an advanced apprenticeship.

Join us on our Info-Weekend, see above.


Individual Learning and Training Plan - ILTP

The centerpiece of making you Career-READY is the Individual Learning and Training Plan, the ILTP.

You, your parents, and your EHS-mentor agree on your ILTP before you start at EHS. With the help of well-established assessment tools and the experience of your mentor, the ILTP states which profession or Trade you want to prepare for, and which classes and workshops you are required to take to achieve your goal. Rather than focusing on being promoted from grade-level to grade-level, you will be promoted from Freshman to Candidate for Apprentice, Journeyman, and Junior Engineer in your chosen Trade.

Rather than studying general Math, Algebra, Calculus, or English Literature, you will take the Math and English that is relevant for your professional goal; the Math and English you need to know to do your job.

Of course, your ILTP can be changed as you progress and learn more about the chosen profession. In order to graduate, to be Career-READY, you will be required to pass the Workshops, an Internship in a company, and complete an Exit Project associated with the Trade you have chosen.

Select the Pathway that fits best your talents
Our Mentors help to select the Pathway that fits your talents best:

The initial Trades taught at EHS include

HVAC (Heat Vent AirCond.)
Mechatronics and Robotics

For further information about one of this Trades, please click on its name above.

Get ready for SkillsUSA competition, join and "Enjoy our Student-Clubs"

Here you see how you can progress.
To view the EHS Calendar or Curriculum and Graduation Requirements, please click on the PDF icon below: